Notice Board

5th June 2020


With the ongoing restrictions at the moment due too the Covid-19 Pandemic, and with pubs and clubs not re-opening in the near future the committee has decided to cancel all remaining games for this season. This includes all competitions as well as league games.

All results of games that have been played will be cleared and the league tables reset. We have made the decision to cancel the 2019-2020 season as there will not be enough time to complete the rest of the matches.

All league fees paid so far will be carried over for next season unless your team would like them refunded in which case can you please speak to me and I will arrange this for you.

We are disappointed at having to make this decision but cannot see any way of completing this season with the current guidelines and restrictions in place.
We will call an Extraordinary AGM as soon as we can and start preparing for next season. I hope you all are and remain well. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions. Say safe


Notice From The Committee

The East London Darts League has existed in one form or another for over 50yrs. It has always considered itself to be a friendly league. The League has a set of rules to act as guidelines so that the game can be played on even terms with no bias to any team. Over the years the Rules have been amended and adapted to suit the changes in the League format and to address any circumstances that have arisen which caused disruption to the game. THEY ARE NOT THE LAW. Generally speaking any disputes that have arisen have been sorted out on the night between the teams themselves and/or the next day after consulting the committee.

Over the past couple of seasons it seems that several people in the league rather than discuss any issues refer to the rules and try to manipulate them to gain their team a points or even a monetary advantage (even thou there is no mention of gaining points or monies in the rules). On several occasions, to try and justify their case, players have even been arguing and shouting non-existent rules down the phone to members of the committee.

We simply cannot have rules for every possible eventuality that happens and common sense must prevail somewhere. We currently have 100 rules in our league, a quick browse of the internet shows that most other leagues have about 20 to 30 rules, even the WDO and the BDO only have slightly over 100 and they seem to manage without all this nonsense.

This behaviour is unacceptable and will no longer be tolerated. In the future, should the committee continue to be verbally abused and accused of being bias to one team or another, the guilty parties will be suspended.

As I have stated previously if you notice any mistakes or errors with this site please e-mail me at and I will correct them as soon as I can.