League Consitution


East London Darts League


Version 1.1

1. Title

    The League shall be known as "The East London Darts League"

2. Objective

    To Promote and play the game of darts within the area of East London. The boundaries of the area
    are not fixed and extend into the county of Essex.

3. Membership

    Membership of the league shall be open to any person regardless of age, race, gender or ability.
    However each team will only be allowed to sign one player under the age of 16 Rule 2.1.

4. Officers

    4.1 The officers of the league shall be as follows :-

        a) Chairman
        b) Treasurer
        c) Secretary

    4.2 These Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

    4.3 Officers shall be elected by a simple majority vote of individual members at the annual general

    4.4 Officers shall be elected for a term of one year and will be allowed to stand for re-election at the
          following annual general meeting.

    4.5 The secretary should be notified of any nominations for the position of any of the officers at least
          7 days prior to the AGM being held. A written copy of the nomination should be handed to the
          sectretary before the start of the meeting.

5. The Committee

    5.1 The committee shall consist of the three elected officers and any other members co-opted on to
          carry out other duties as required ie: Competition Secretary.

    5.2 The duties of the General Committee shall be but not limited to :-

          5.2.1 To control the affairs and general running of the league on behalf of its members.

          5.2.2 To keep accurate accounts of the league finances through the treasurer. A
                    balance sheet of the accounts will be compiled and given to the league
                    members at the AGM.

          5.2.3The league shall have a Current Bank Account for all league monies to be paid.
                    The three elected officers will be signatories for the account.

6. Meetings

    6.1 The league will hold quarterly general meetings. These meetings should be attended by no more
          than two delegates from each team Rule 8.10.

    6.2 In September the league will also hold an Annual General Meeting, the exact date will be decided
          by the committee. This meeting is open for any member of the league to attend.

    6.3 Any member of the league (including officers) can also request for an Extraordinary General Meeting
          to be called at any time. The officers will call for an EGM to be held if they decide the request warrants it.

7. Miscellaneous

    7.1 No acts of violence, racial, threatening or verbal abuse will be tolerated by the league. Any such
          behaviour by a registered player on a league darts night or function when the players of more than
          one team are present, shall be suspended for a period of time decided by the league officers. A
          second offence will entail a years ban.

    7.2 In situations where the committee are required to make a judgement to sort out any disputes or
          issues arising during the season the committees decision will be final.

    7.3 Changes to the Leagues Consitution and Rules can only be made at an AGM. Proposals for changes
          should be made in writing to the league secretary at least 6 weeks before the AGM. Changes will
          be made only if agreed by a simple majority vote of members attending the meeting.

8. Declaration

     The League hereby adopts and accepts this constitution for the purpose of running the
      East London Darts League.

    Signed By:-

The Chairman:- The Secretary:-
Name:-   Bob Luckhurst Name:-   Royston French
Signature:- Signature:-
Date:-   19th September 2019 Date:-   19th September 2019