Finishes & 180's 2017 - 2018

Please notify the league secretary of any 180's or finishes of 100 or over. All players scoring a 180 will receive a trophy as does the player scoring the highest shot out of the season.
180's 2017 - 2018
Player Team
Lux Singh
Golden Fleece
Steve Woon jnr
East ham w. m. c
Tommy Mottram
Community Rd A
Jason Glensman
Community Rd A
Ian Turnstill
Scrattons Farm
Mark Doolan
Stanley W.H.U.
Terry Mann Snr
Stratton Farm
Danny Prendergast
Community Rd A
Fred Dilworth
Ray Pearson
Major Rd
Jason Glensman
Community Rd A
Jordan Brown
The Stanley
Paul Glensman
Community Rd A
Terry Mann Jnr
Scrattons Farm
Jordan Brown
The Stanley
High Finishes 2017 - 2018
Player Team Score
Doru Fabian Golden Fleece 130
Doru Fabian Golden Fleece 120
Darren Spring Alexander 120
Terry Mann jnr Scrattons Farm 120
Grahame Bone Golden Fleece 120
Danny Adams Abbey Arms 115
Lee Brown Strattons A 115
Steve Woon Jnr East Ham WMC 110
Steve Plastow The Stanley 105
Peter OReilly Victoria 105
Nicky Rawlings Victoria 105
Terry Mann Jnr Scrattons Farm 105
Denis Ringe Stanley W.H.U 100
Graham Bone Golden Fleece 100
Sue Reddin Abbey Arms 100